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Need help in putting your business on the Internet? Not sure whether a website is the best way to achieve your business objectives?

At Progrés Imminent we assess your needs andmake it easy for you to begin selling on the net, to communicate with clients, and to set yourself apart from the competition.

• We define your business needs and your place in the market
• We identify your goals
• We identify the advantages your business offers over others in the field
• We explain, step-by-step how to present your business in a web-friendly format
• We find the technology most suited to your business
• We help you to achieve your objectives with regards to positioning in search engine listings using specific criteria
• We assess the performance of all web developed material to study whether it fulfills the purpose for which it has
been created (sales, communications, services, etc.)

To sum up, we help you make the right choices to develop your business